I have personally been in the marketing and advertising industry since 1997; long enough to know the difference between marketing and advertising. There exists a panoply of buzzwords and descriptors of what it is we supposedly do. Web marketing, online marketing, interactive, user experience, digital… To tell you the truth, I don’t care about these labels.

Those who have been in this field as long as I don’t care either. Here’s what we care about; sharing a story or product in a way that compels the right people to listen or buy. At the end of the day we want our respective businesses to be profitable so that we can properly provide for our families. Those who have been around long enough, know that work is merely a method of generating personal security. Sure it can be fun, or even uplifting at times, but it will never match the kind of joy that is felt around loved ones.

I can always tell a marketing novice by the words they use in meetings. They throw around whatever today’s buzzwords are; banal jargon typically generated by some blog post rehashing the same self-serving recognition that most of today’s tech bloggers thrive on. Indeed, I have never met a group so desperate for the praise or recognition of their peers.

These novices have not yet learned that working 100 hours a week is actually less effective than working 40 hours a week. They remain glued to their phones and tablets, even when spending time with their friends and family. At some point, these people will hit a wall, and when they do, they will come to understand a simple principle: They have wasted their prime years in the foolish pursuit of praise.

This is one of the first things we tell people that come to work at Saderra. Indeed, we do higher junior team members on occasion and they all need to hear this message. Sometimes evens senior member need to be taught this lesson.

I understand that this approach may not make us “super-cool” or the guys everyone wants to hang out with at SXSW. But honestly? Who really cares? Not the kind of people I want to associate with, that much I’m sure of. I’d rather have my kids think I’m awesome because I go to all of their games. I’d rather my team spend time with friends and family than some conference or event. When you learn what really matters in life, you work hard to ensure you can be apart of a great company, that values the same things you do.


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Our Secret

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand by our work

We know that our work produces real results. Whether it be increased visits, leads, conversions, or sales... Saderra has the track record of success with some of the world's largest and most notable brands. At the start of each project we will work with you to create a thorough checklist of achievable goals and realistic expectations, including a full list of deliverables. Your project isn't complete and our final invoice for the work isn't due until those goals and deliverables are met and provided. Saderra believes you should get what you pay for, and we won't stop working until you do.