The Process of Creating Strong Keywords

As touched upon earlier, your content should focus on the unique and valuable things you offer. Fresh content on a regular basis on all available platforms including press release wires, clients blogs, social media etc. is as key communication channel. You have all this great content; it’s time to get it out there!

The best keywords have:

Strong Relevance: terms for which you have content to support

Relatively High Search Volume: terms people actually search for

Relatively Low Competition: terms with a small number of search results

The Process of Creating Strong Keywords

The first step in creating relevant and fitting keywords is to brainstorm a list of words and phrases that someone may use to find your business or the services you offer. Be as specific as possible with this. While it is important to still use general terms as keywords, the very specific, targeted terms attract the targeted traffic that drives unique visitors and sales.

Now that you have a list of targeted keywords, we need to figure out if these terms really are useful. Google and Bing both offer free keyword research tools. By doing keyword research, we discover how many people are conducting searches for any given word or term everyday, as well as how many of the searches converted. This also can give you more ideas for strong keywords!

Narrow the list of keywords down based on your keyword research. This is where content intersects to create the best results for your business. Search engines reward high-quality content and well-built websites more than anything! Remember this! One widely used way that search engine algorithms determine quality content is by examining how many links there are to specific pieces of content. Granted, a link from The Washington Post will usually carry more weight than a random Twitter post. There is no set formula for producing results, but rather becoming experts at solving problems and overcoming challenges

One of the best ways to get people to link to you is to link to them! (Which we will explain further later) Use social media as a communication channel, which will allow you to build brand loyalty by connecting with customers and delivering exceptional customer service. This takes us into how to promote content and how to get your brand noticed, which will be discussed more in depth later.

Creating content for individuals and not search engines, coupled with strong, researched keywords, and a well built website=getting your brand noticed, and increased traffic that leads to sales!

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