Other Important Metrics in SEO

Other Important Metrics in SEO

Now that we’ve delved more into SEO with content creation and keywords, it’s time to talk about other important metrics to use and factor in your SEO campaign. Search engines change, user habits change, and therefore SEO will change along with it. Like all things, it’s evolving.

1. Use Social Media as a communication channel and reputation tool that allows you to build brand loyalty by connecting with customers and delivering exceptional customer service. When you create a business profile on all social media avenues you are more likely to get relevant and engaged people and interaction becomes regular with more interaction. This also leads to PR campaigns that tie in with SEO, which will be discussed further later.

2. Mobile Optimization: As of April 21st, mobile optimization became more important in search engines. Google as an example has always ranked mobile-optimized websites higher. Not integrating mobile may result in lower rankings in search engines, and is much easier to create with Word Press.

3. Seasonal SEO: As discussed prior, the key to this is appealing to an audience and not a search engine. Optimize promotions, coupons, etc. to fit your audiences’ needs. You can create a better image by paying attention to your customers’ needs and in the proper time frame.

4. A Well Built Website: The key here is to make your website very user friendly and easy to get around. Google has always given higher ranking to well-built websites. Be sure to have well defined headings and a complete list of pages underneath. A search bar is also helpful as it makes it even easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for on your website.

5. Create a YouTube Video that demos what your company does. Since Google owns YouTube this is a great way to drive more visitors to your website. Through research it is shown that videos cause visitors to stay on your site for an additional 30 seconds to 2 minutes. With this, include a link on your website for people to sign up for updates, newsletters, upcoming events etc. It just needs to be a simple design with a clear way to close out of it if the individual isn’t interested.

6. Focus everything on your audience using the SMART strategy. The SMART strategy is a great strategy for this: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed. Journalists are spending less time actually gathering news. Many are happy to receive press releases and other media that are pre-prepared as it saves them time and effort in finding their own stories, generating interviews, and doing extra research. Find creative news angles and research which journalists write the most relevant articles for the industry.

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