Our Secret

I suppose sharing one of our most important and distinguishing factors could be considered foolish. I am so tired of other companies not doing the same, I feel perhaps those who know this secret may be keeping it too close to the chest.

Me personally, and by extension our policy at Saderra is to be honest, and more importantly, accept responsibility. The truth is we admit to being wrong more often than we claim to be right, or accepting victory that may be related to external factors.

In marketing and advertising (yes, they are two different things), even the greatest minds get it wrong sometimes. Many marketers have developed campaigns with the purpose of being so vague or general that they really can’t claim failure. Yet these marketers are generally the quickest to jump on the accepting credit bandwagon. It’s disgusting.

Occasionally, we get something wrong. In terms of our web development team, issues arise. There are bugs in our code. There are features that may seem completely obvious they may not have not have been included. Oversights happen. And when these happen we step up, claim responsibility and immediately work to fix the issue. Here’s another part of our secret: When we screw up, we don’t bill for the time to fix it.

I’m amused when I see other companies charging to fix bugs in their code. If somebody has paid for something, it should work. And if it doesn’t, then they really shouldn’t be billed by a development group for fixing the said development groups mistakes. Seems obvious to us. Yet remarkably, when we work with businesses, we hear these horror stories. I suppose that’s why our clients stay with us for years… while other agencies struggle to keep clients for months.

There’s our secret: Be Honest, Accept Responsibility, Make Sure People Get What They Pay For. Sadly, this seems like a novel concept. Let’s fix that.

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We know that our work produces real results. Whether it be increased visits, leads, conversions, or sales... Saderra has the track record of success with some of the world's largest and most notable brands. At the start of each project we will work with you to create a thorough checklist of achievable goals and realistic expectations, including a full list of deliverables. Your project isn't complete and our final invoice for the work isn't due until those goals and deliverables are met and provided. Saderra believes you should get what you pay for, and we won't stop working until you do.