The Importance of Using Social Media

The Importance of Using Social Media

Social Media has been on the rise the last several years and now many businesses are finding that it’s important to implement. As reported by Hubspot in 2014, 92% of marketers from surveys highlighted the importance of social media marketing for their business.

The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) you track for social media are typically shares, likes, engagement, favorites, Analytics traffic, mentions, etc. Using this data consistently will help make positive changes for your business.

Content marketing was touted as the most commercially important digital marketing trend for 2015 according to the recent digital marketing trends polls from Smart Insight. Social media engagement tells people that the brand is active and legitimate, and consumers are most likely to do business with brands that are alive.

1. Social Media Marketing Increases Website Traffic and Search Ranking
As an example, Facebook and YouTube generate the most number of users, according to Pew Research Center. It was found that 64% of these users visit the website on a daily basis. It was shown that 33% of consumers learn about new products, brands, and services through social media networks.

2. It Increases Sales
Social media allows companies to see what prospects are saying about their brand and competitors. It’s a great way to research a market and initiate conversation leading to a sale. The more consumers are aware of and see a particular brand, the more likely they are to become customers.

3. It Boosts Content Marketing
Content is the catalyst that leads to more exposure on the Internet. Awareness may then lead to engagement, trust, and loyalty over time. Creating, curating, and distributing content is the economic driver of social media success. Different platforms require different types of content and is something that should be taken into account by businesses.

4. It Increases Brand Awareness & Improves Brand Loyalty
One of the primary goals of social media is to create an actionable audience, in other words, develop an online community who will create some business benefit for your business over time. This is where brands can have a great opportunity to interact and engage with targeted audiences.

5. It Generates Leads at Minimum Costs
Traditional techniques for building leads can be costly. With social media marketing, you can generate valuable leads at a fraction of the cost.

6. It Gives Your Business Great Audience Insight
There are virtually no limitations to the size and type of audience you can reach with social media platforms. Knowing your audience and gaining insight on what makes them tick is an important factor that will lead to success. With this, your business can streamline its campaigns, offer better content to customers, and generate sales.

It’s clear that having a social media presence, no matter how small, puts businesses in a better position to share their stories and connect with a larger audience.

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