The Synergy of PR and SEO

The Synergy of PR and SEO

Saderra has just introduced a PR Division, so now is the perfect time to delve into the synergy between PR and SEO. The future of SEO is not in the technology, but the ability to tell stories that readers will find interesting.

Public relations enhances SEO by focusing on what’s newsworthy, crafting a great story, finding editorial opportunities, getting coverage and building relationships with media. PR helps SEO directly by increasing branded traffic. PR professionals are skilled storytellers and content generators and should be integrated with SEO for the most successful results.

1. Create targeted press releases by constructing them carefully and distributing them to the right people. The releases need to have a strong news angle and should include relevant quotes from your company.

2. Create a timed schedule for press releases and social media announcements. By doing this, you ensure that everything is already prepared and ready to go as soon as you are. Immediacy is everything to the media, so prepare multiple press releases for future events and fire off the most relevant one as soon as it happens, guaranteeing your view is out there first.

3. Create and promote your personal brand alongside your company, thus creating a multi-dimensional PR campaign. An example of this is Sir Richard Branson. He has 3 million Twitter followers while Virgin itself has 76 thousand followers total. Constantly referring to your strategy to assess whether the goals and targets are being met will keep the campaign on track.

4. Focus on strategic inbound marketing. It engages people at all stages of the sales cycle. It allows you to track leads, convert those leads into customers, close sales, and ensure the client has a positive experience.

5. Speak at relevant industry events. This will garner press leads and organic search to your website.

6. Increase online presence through use of social media. Many people access information digitally over anything else. It is a great way to show that a company is current, up to date, and a key player in the industry.

7. Utilize press release distribution services. The top services right now include 411 Press Releases, PR Web, eReleases, and Marketwired. This will expand visibility and traffic and lead to increased branding and sales.

The latest changes in Google Search have put an emphasis on high quality, unique content that is linked to quality sites. This is where Public Relations plays a crucial role! There is tremendous synergy between SEO and PR, and this is a way to open brand new avenues!

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