What is SEO?


What is search engine optimization?


What is SEO, exactly? To put it simply, SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of improving a website to increase web traffic from search engines.

Why is SEO important? Over the years, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have become the go-to resource for people to find information on the web. The goal of SEO is to make your web page one of the top search results that provides the information people are searching for. In other words, SEO is important because it directs people to what they want to find. If a search engine cannot find and navigate your site, you’re potentially missing out on tons of traffic and customers.

Can I learn SEO?

Yes! Almost anyone can learn the basics of SEO. Many of the best SEO tips may seem obvious to some, but not everyone takes the time to actually implement basic SEO techniques. Quality SEO will help differentiate your website from the thousands of other websites out there.

However, it does take time, that’s why many businesses choose to hire outside SEO specialists, like Saderra, to help with search engine optimization. If you have the time and energy to do it yourself, there are many valuable and free SEO resources out there to get your started.

The Golden Rule of SEO

Before we get into the SEO basics, it’s important to remember that great SEO isn’t about building a website for search engines, it’s about building a website for people. Google’s search engine algorithm is designed with people in mind; and attracting actual people that are actually interested in the product/service/whatever you offer is the ultimate goal, isn’t it? Traffic means nothing without conversions.

Secondly, SEO is not about tricking Google or gaming the system to get better results. Most deceptive SEO “tricks” (commonly called black hat SEO in the industry) have been tried by lazy SEO services in the past. Google is constantly evolving and search engines are now very good at recognizing these tricks and will penalize and even remove sites entirely from search engine results.

If you see a SEO service guaranteeing to move your site from the tenth page to the first page of Google quickly and cheaply, that should be an automatic red flag. These tactics may help in the short term, but probably will not, and will almost certainly hurt in the long run.

There is no magic bullet to boost your search engine results, but there are ways you can help search engines find and navigate your site and locate important information. But first, we will start with content creation and identifying your unique value.

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