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Headless Commerce Is Essential

Headless commerce provides a level of speed, security, and conversion simply unattainable with e-commerce systems like Magento, Shopware, or even SAAS platforms like Shopify or Big Commerce. Those systems are all adapting to support headless commerce as the new standard in e-commerce. Headless commerce also costs about a tenth to host as your traditional e-commerce systems.

What is Headless Commerce?

Currently, most e-commerce sites are run on application servers, processing database calls, rendering front-end pages, and maintaining the session status of your site visitors. Most modern e-commerce systems also run page caching services to reduce the massive load these systems put on servers. These all equate to numerous points for security exploitation, easy targeting for DDOS attacks, and massive power/hosting bills.

Headless commerce means the files available to the public are static HTML files, lightweight javascript files, and media files like images and videos hosted on CDN’s around the globe, shifting the bulk of your traffic and reducing costs and security holes. It also increases sales with speed on average 2-3x faster than hosted platforms.